meet our team
of strategic thinkers

Andrew Bassford

The can-do attitude: Andrew turns a simple idea emerging from casual conversation into both profitable and rewarding business that bring sparkles in your eyes.

Deborah Aragão

Investment Advisor
Expert in community development and micro-finance, Deborah creates kick-ass strategic investments to empower communities.

Jessica Winarto

Junior Finance Analyst
With her love for creative economic models & for community resilience, Jessica loves to think outside the box.

Jessica Yaputri

Environmental and Ecological Engineer
Multitask, everything is possible with Jessica: she’ll dig into regulations, reports, complex data to provide sharp answer and solutions.

Karli Thomas

Nothing escapes the eye of our Pacific Islands specialist. Karli will track all aspects of a project to deliver creative solutions.

Lalu Hizbulloh

Lalu is our social-economic community Guru, with years of knowledge working with fishing communities across Indonesia and implementing Fair-trade practices.


The boss’, Ani brings tons of enthusiasm and legal expertise in our team, keeping up the challenge by raising the right questions.

Paul Eka

Tourism Outreach Officer
Avid diver and eco-tourism Master, Paul’s life is dedicated to protect the gems of our Oceans by developing eco-tourism industry in Indonesia.

Pauline Gentile

Program Coordinator
Pauline makes sure that everything we do can be crafted into a story that connects with others.

Roderic Hodges

Senior Investment Analyst
Roderic turns complex financial modeling and disseminates multi-layered structures into an easy and free flowing way, no matter the audience.

Rosa Buntaran

Senior Finance
Rosa makes sure all our contractual relationships are delivered on time and budget.


Senior Administrator
Rifa gets her hand dirty with all our paperwork.

Sari Tolvanen

Sari is our moral-compass when it comes to marine programs, she makes sure we deliver the highest environmental and social returns.

Vanessa Kosasih

With her love for language, Vanessa uses her copy-writter skill to bring joy and delight in our reports.